DNR Officers Train at YMCA

Local - 5/16/2014 5:42 PM by Mike Bundt
Officers from two local districts came together Friday afternoon to practice their swimming and diving skills.

30 officers joined up at the YMCA on Friday to train for the upcoming summer. Swimming is an important skill that natural resources police officers need. With Memorial Day weekend coming up, the officers decided to hold the training session before they'll be needed. Sargeant Dwayne Duffield wants people to know that they'll be out ensuring everyone's safety in the water.

"As far as being on the water that much, just letting everybody know we're out patrolling the rivers and the water ways and if somebody was to fall out of a boat or find themselves in a situation, our guys will be there of course rescue them or whatever needed to do."

Sargeant Duffield says they plan on patrolling the waterways from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.


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