State of the City of Beckley

Local - 5/13/2014 2:06 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - Mayor of Beckley gave a 'State of the City' address on Tuesday. He talked of issues that are being resolved and also outlined future plans for the city.


The Beckley Rotary Club hosted a luncheon for community leaders, honored guests and the Mayor of Beckley. Bill O’Brien gave a speech about the current state of the city. O’Brien expressed 'red ink' and an overspending problem that has plagued the city starting before he took office. Since his term as Mayor, O’Brien said he has worked to cut costs and consolidate services. Rotary Club members asked questions of the Mayor about upcoming projects and city improvements. O’Brien said, “the main point that I'd like to get across is that the city of Beckley is stronger than ever. We've had some red ink issues, we're attacking those, we've made great progress and this is still a wonderful place to live and to do business."


O’Brien said he foresees success in the near future for Beckley as more issues are being resolved every day.


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