Wyoming Co. Electronic Voting

Local - 5/12/2014 6:35 PM by Rachael Cardin

WYOMING COUNTY - Wyoming County has officially switched over to electronic voting for the May 2014 Primary Election. Officials said only good can come of the electronic voting system being fully implemented.

Wyoming County Clerk, Mike Goode, said "the price is cheaper because you don't have as many poll workers, you don't have to pay to print the ballot. There's lots of costs that went into that."

Residents have been notified well in advance about this coming change. "Every registered voter in Wyoming county got a letter to tell them where their precinct is, the hours and so forth. We're ready to go. Just waiting on the polls to open in the morning at 6:30," said Goode.

County officials said these electronic devices have multiple ways of storing the polling data, but the voting process itself is as easy as touching the screen.

Goode said, "If they use a self service gas pump, they can use this machine. It is so simple. I've not had anyone that's had reservations that's used it that's not said man that was simple there's not anything to that."

Poll workers, like Samantha Leannjaan, have been trained on the system and said they are ready for Election Day; "just learning how everything is going work. The provisional ballots are different this year so we had to come get information on that."

In this modern day in age an electronic system should be easily adopted. Leannjaan said, "I think it's easier. I Think we need to encourage people to vote on the electronic machines because if you can use a cell phone, anything like that, you can vote electronically. I'm comfortable with it, confident. I think everything will go well."

Goode said he hopes to have a large voter turnout, especially with so many local races. "Get out and vote that's all. I mean we've done everything we can do to encourage people," said Goode.


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