Local Officials Warn Citizens of Election Laws

Local - 5/12/2014 5:14 PM by Mike Bundt
Local officials say they want citizens to get out and vote tomorrow but also comply with the rules.

Depending on where you live, election law violations may or may not have been an issue in your town in the past. In Fayetteville, the town has a good track record in the past 20-plus years of not having problems and officials want to keep it that way. Prosecuting attorney Carl Harris says the process is very clean in Fayetteville but points out the possible punishments for breaking election laws.

"If you are caught intimidating a voter and this applies to employers intimidating employees to vote a particular way there are sanctions in the West Virginia code. A person that violates that law can be furnished by fine up to $1,000 and they can be sentenced to the southern regional jail for up to one year."

Harris says he doesn't anticipate any issues coming up in Fayetteville on election day.


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