Tom Stafford Bridge named in Fayette County

Local - 5/12/2014 2:34 PM by Stuart Hammer

MT. HOPE – A figure-head from Fayette County has a bridge named in his memory.

A small gathering of family watched as the Thomas H. Stafford Memorial Bridge received its name this afternoon. Stafford was a native of Mt. Hope and an icon in Fayette Co.

He sold insurance for decades and became well known for his time with the Board of Education. Stafford passed suddenly five years ago, but his family and friends are proud to see the legacy of a man who cared deeply for his community live on.

Delegate David Perry sponsored a House resolution that allowed the bridge to be named.

“He was what you call a community philanthropist,” says Perry. “Projects that he took interest in would have been those projects no one else would have involved themselves in.”

Stafford’s son, Shane says it brings he and his mother Deanna great joy.

“A tremendous amount of pride,” Shane says, “I know that I kind of have some big shoes to fill, but not only that, it's just a good reminder of all the great works that he did do.”

A formal dedication for the bridge will be on August 22 following the Tom Stafford Memorial Golf Tournament at Glade Springs Resort.


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