United Way sets new goal

Local - 5/9/2014 12:56 PM by Mike Bundt
A local charity is setting new goals for their upcoming year.

The United Way of Southern West Virginia is hoping to raise $825,000 this year for local non-profits. The new goal is $300,000 more than last year. The United Way is serving 16 additional non-profits this year and covering a larger geographical range. Executive Director Margaret O' Neal says the United Way tries to stay realistic with their goals.

"I think it's a very achievable number. We try not to ever just be a pipe dream. There's a method to the madness and it's all based on need so as those applications came in, it was important for us to know that we would have the funding."

In addition to adding additional non-profits, the united way added a new member to their staff to help cover the larger region.


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