UPDATE: Trial begins for teacher accused of hitting students

Local - 5/9/2014 4:43 PM by Rachael Cardin

FAYETTEVILLE - A Fayetteville Elementary School teacher has been found guilty with 2 counts of battery on Friday in Fayette County Magistrate Leonard Bickford's court.


A jury found Kathleen Wade of Hico guilty of t2wo reports of battery on her students.  These charges stemmed from two May 2013 incidents. Wade allegedly struck a boy at the Fayetteville Library one day,  and then struck another boy in her classroom the following day. Wade has been a teacher at Fayetteville Elementary for more than 2 years, but was suspended May of last year after this crime surfaced. A teacher's aid, who was on the stand Friday morning, said she witnessed Wade smack both sides of a student's head with both hands causing the boy to cry. A librarian also took the stand, and said she saw Wade hit a boy on the top of the head as a disciplinary measure.


Assistant Prosecuting Attn. in Fayette County, Brian Parsons, said “most important part of this case is there were a number of adults who witnessed this a took a stand and said something and I think, in our community, if we do a better job of standing up and helping and supporting people who are in need, we'll all be a better society."


Wade had previously been bonded out and is allowed to remain out of jail. Her sentencing date is set for Thursday June 12th at 10 AM.


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