Sunday hunting on private land up for vote

Local - 5/7/2014 5:32 PM by Stuart Hammer

NICHOLAS COUNTY – Sunday hunting is up for vote in Nicholas County, but a lack of details has locals concerned.

Sunday hunting is prohibited in most counties in West Virginia, but a change to the law is up for vote in Nicholas County and six others, including Braxton, Calhoun, Gilmer, Lewis, Webster, and Wirt.

Corey Boothe is a local hunter from Nicholas County, and he says he is concerned about the lack of distinction of Sunday hunting on private land, not just any land.

He says the law is specific but the ballot doesn't say.

Regardless of the wording on the ticket, Boothe says he believes hunting on Sunday should be treated just like any other day.

“I think most people are in favor of Sunday hunting. They want the ability to use their land lawfully on the seventh day of the week, same as they do the other six days a week.”

Boothe adds that most states in the U.S. allow hunting on Sundays.

“As soon as you pass the Ohio River you can hunt on Sunday all the way to the Pacific Ocean.”

He adds 44 of 50 states allow Sunday hunting, and Boothe says he hopes to get more counties in West Virginia to follow suit.


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