Part 1: 'Crossfit Craze' hits Beckley

Local - 5/6/2014 6:26 PM by Rachael Cardin
BECKLEY - You see the bumper stickers and hear talk of Crossfit, but what is it? The Owner of Crossfit Beckley and one of its coaches give the basics and explain why this program continues drawing people from all walks of life.

David Chinn, owner of L.A. East and Crossfit Beckley, said, “everybody can do it. Just because you're not the strongest...and even if you are the strongest you're not the fittest. Just because you can't run ten miles...and even if you do run ten miles you're not the fittest. It's kind of a little bit for everybody, but it's the results that you see so quickly, physically and mentally, that I think that everybody loves Crossfit. It's kind of joining a group of fitness.”

Crossfit coach Chip Williams, said, “Crossfit is based on all functional movement which is how the human body is designed to do work and so everybody's functional fitness needs are the same; whether you're an 80 year old grandmother or an 18 year old athlete, you have the same functional needs.”

Coaches at Crossfit Beckley said athletes enjoy the positive changes in their bodies, but the community aspect of the program is what really keeps them coming back. “I think a lot of people are intimidated by it, but once they get in here they're done. They just stick with it. They love it and basically because of, I want to give credit to the coaches, but it's because all the other Crossfitters. Once you're in, you're in,” said Chinn. Williams said, “we have athletes who are really good in here, but the people who get the loudest cheers are the new ones.”

The fear of injury keeps many from walking into a Crossfit box. Chinn explained how he runs his program in order to avoid that happening to the athletes at Crossfit Beckley. “That is a misconception because you can get hurt in the NFL, you can get hurt playing baseball, you can get hurt playing basketball. If you do Crossfit wrong, I promise you'll get hurt, that's why we have 8 coaches, we usually have 2 per workout and were looking to avoid that,” said Chinn.

Williams said being a Crossfit athlete has him hooked, but being a coach is truly rewarding; “it's immediate gratification for me being able to see people make changes in their physical appearance which translate to mental changes.”

Whether aiming to compete, or just looking for a fitness program to fit your needs, information about Crossfit Beckley is available online.


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