Voters confused with school board choices

Local - 5/6/2014 5:44 PM by Stuart Hammer

FAYETTEVILLE – Polls are open in the Mountain State for the rest of this week, but Fayette County voters are confused with choices on the ticket.

Fayette County Clerk Kelvin Holliday says it’s a close race between the five candidates for school board.

"We'll elect three members to the Board of Education; this is the year three of five are elected."

The close race may be different if not for voters being puzzled at the polling place.

“This time not a single candidate from the Valley filed , so the statutory maximums include one from the Valley, one from Plateau, two from New Haven that could be elected,” said Holliday.

And with no one from Valley on the ballot, Holliday says, it’s an easy choice.

“With no Valley people running in the 2014 election, there will be no Valley person elected."

The lone representative from the Valley is Lou Jones who was elected in 2012.

”She will continue in her four-year term. So that leaves three seats to be filled in Fayette County.”

The idea to limit where the candidates come from is to help spread the wealth.

“Have equal representation across the county. That way it assures you only one magisterial district will be as low as one representative, while two of the other three will each have two members,” adds Holliday.

Four names from New Haven and two from Plateau find themselves on the ticket, but be mindful what boxes you mark. If you vote for more than two members from New Haven or more than one from Plateau you're voting for a losing candidate.

"Just remember you're diluting the power of your vote if you do that, because we will only be electing one from Plateau and two from New Haven this time, period,” Holliday says.

With the directions now clear, Holliday hopes locals will get out and make their voices heard.

"Now it's up to the voters to decide what they want in Fayette County"


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