Special dog visits hospice

Local - 5/5/2014 5:04 PM by Mike Bundt
A dog is making its rounds around town to help bring joy to people in hospice.

A special dog visited the bowers hospice house in Beckley this afternoon. Duke, a 14-year old dog currently in hospice visited the citizens at the center to try and put a smile on their faces. Duke has heart worms and was dropped off at the Princeton animal shelter back in January. Rachel Kincaid picked him up and has taken care of him since. Despite his own issues, Kincaid says that Duke has helped out many people.

"I thought that it would be good for him to go to the hospice house because he has a bucket list to create awareness about fostering and the hospice house helped out my grandpa and some of my students i teach in independence. He helped us out, help some of their families so i thought it was good to create awareness for them as well as fostering animals."

Despite being in hospice, Kincaid says that duke isn't in pain and has been a good dog.


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