Arson Awareness Week kicks off

Local - 5/5/2014 5:00 PM by Mike Bundt
Arson awareness week is underway and fire departments across the state want citizens to understand the dangers of arson.

This year's theme is "Vehicle arson, a combustible crime." The goal is to raise awareness in arson's involving vehicles. 14 percent of all fires involve vehicles with seven percent of these fires the result of arson. This results in 40 deaths and $169 million in property damage each year on average. Captain Johnny Mann says that tips are very helpful in arson cases.

"Sometimes the smallest tip can be what is needed. A piece of the information that you may not have deemed real important to you could be the final piece in the puzzle that's needed to make a connection."

It's estimated that just under 28,000 vehicle fires are intentionally set each year.


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