Two firefighters injured after Summersville fire

Local - 5/4/2014 6:10 PM by Mike Bundt
A Nicholas County firefighter is recovering in the hospital after he was injured fighting a fire.

The fire happened on Mcmillion drive in Summersville around 2:30 this morning. Two firefighters were injured at the scene, one with burns to his upper body and fluid in his lungs. The other with minor injuries after coming to his aid. Neither name has been released. Here's Fire Chief Rodney Snodgress with the latest.

"The fire fighter after being pulled out of the basement was taken to Summersville regional medical center and then flown to Capell Huntington Hospital in Huntington. He should recover and be okay and then i had another fire fighter who was attempting to get him to get to him and had a shoulder injury."

Both fire fighters are expected to make full recoveries.


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