Vietnam Vet wall traveling to McDowell County

Local - 5/1/2014 5:55 PM by Stuart Hammer

KIMBALL – A traveling wall is making sure soldiers lost at war aren't just a memory anymore.

The Veterans Memorial wall is sponsored by the West Virginia State Council. It is making a stop in McDowell County this weekend and organizers say they hope it can honor the 732 soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.

They say veterans and family members are welcome to visit and see their loved ones and brothers’ names.

President of the Veterans & Visitors Center in Kimball, Manual Horeluk says it’s a great day to honor soldiers.

“Fills my heart with joy and everything, because our Korean War Veterans and our Vietnam War Veterans, when they came back they were just threw to the side.”

Dave Simmons is a vet, and he organizes the tours of the wall.

“These are for our brothers who didn't come home,” Simmons says.

“We're also set up so the loved ones can come back and see that their loved ones are thought about”

The next stop for the wall will be May 21 at Wade Park in Hurricane, followed by a stop in Rainelle on May 22.


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