Recycling center deals with crime spree

Local - 4/30/2014 2:51 PM by Stuart Hammer

LOCHGELLY – A Fayette County recycling center is dealing with a rash of crime and they're asking for help.

The Auto Recycling center and scrap collection in Lochgelly is still trying to recover from a fire late last year. Now they've been struck by five copper thefts in just a little more than a month.

Owner of the center, Connie Paine, says they have their suspicions on who is committing the crimes, and they believe it involves someone who's done business with them.

Their copper is marked with red paint and they're hoping if it turns up for sale someone will do the right thing.

“Anyone who collects scrap, copper, silver, anything like that, we need to start helping each other out,” says Paine.

The fire knocked out two of their three light poles in the yard and Paine believes that’s not helping the problem.

“The yard ain't safe, the garage ain't safe, where is it safe anymore?”

Fayette County Sheriff's forensics units were on scene photographing, collecting evidence, and dusting for fingerprints this afternoon.


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