Campus radio coming to your FM dial

Local - 4/29/2014 6:49 PM by Stuart Hammer

ATHENS – A university journalism program is making waves – radio waves – with a new license to broadcast.

WVCU at Concord University has been granted an FCC license to broadcast on the FM dial.

Their students and faculty will be coming at you on 97.7 FM as soon as construction on the tower is complete.

With the license comes a pair of donations worth $15,000 from the West Virginia Broadcasters Education Foundation to build the tower and equipment.

WVCU News Director, Jared Kline says it's an exciting time at Concord.

“We've been following FCC guidelines, been following all the rules, working on our professionalism, and to finally have this actually happen is a great opportunity for us.”

Advisor Jessica Lilly hopes the low-power station will increase interest in radio in the area.

“It is open to faculty and staff, community members. We're expecting with this FM station that we'll have even more content to give to folks.”

Construction is expected to be completed in the fall of 2014.


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