Walk barefoot for child poverty awareness

Local - 4/29/2014 2:51 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - A group of citizens dedicated their time by taking to the streets of uptown Beckley in their bare feet.

The United Way of Southern West Virginia and the Appalachian Coal Country team hosted a walk to raise awareness about child poverty. TOMS Shoe Company started the 'One Day Without Shoes' event and it's turned into a global phenomenon. Organizers said they know when they walk, they join the millions of other across the world who are walking around bare foot as well to experience how less fortunate people live. Executive Director of the Appalachian Coal Country Team, April Trent, said this day impacted so many as they walk in discomfort knowing that children face this feeling every day.

"Right now everyone's just talking about how cold it is, but it's the awareness and I think that's the shock value that we have. In a minute we're going to take a walk and we're going to reflect just for a little bit on what it means to have shoes, and then how it feels to not have shoes and remember those less fortunate than we are,” said Trent.

T- shirts were being sold and all proceeds from this event go to the United Way so they can provide shoes to those in need within the community.


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