Mercer Co. Scholars

Local - 4/28/2014 11:04 PM by Kevin Jacobs
PRINCETON - Mercer County Schools recognize its "Top Scholars" at a banquet.

Family, friends and administrators came out to honor top students at the Chuck Mathena Center. Mercer County Schools put on the banquet to reward students from each of its four high schools. A total of 50 students were honored for having the highest quality points on a 4.0 scale.

Princeton High School Alumnus and Keynote Speaker Dr. Andy Sarles derived an equation to encourage students on a path to success.

"I had great mentors when I was here, and that's one of things I want to highlight quickly tonight is that the faculty at Princeton Senior High School were so supportive and I had a number of people that could give me words of wisdom when I left Princeton High. I don't think they withheld anything from me and I was lucky to benefit from their knowledge and mentorship." - Dr. Andy Sarles, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee.

Mentorship, Chance and Effort are the variables Sarles used in his equation to success. 


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