Child Immunization Week reminds parents to get their kids vaccinated

Local - 4/28/2014 5:26 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKLEY - This week, health departments, hospitals and doctors offices urge parents to check into the health records of their families.


It is ‘National Child Immunization’ week and the Beckley Raleigh County Health Department aim to get the word out about these important vaccinations. Children are supposed to receive certain immunizations depending on their age. Director of Nursing, Candance Hurd, said infants especially need to have their shots up to date because their immune systems have not been exposed to anything yet. Hurd said it's important not to forget such an important precautionary measure.


We need to remember back when children actually had chicken pox and had measles and the complications associated with those up to, and even including death It's a good time to make certain that our shot records are up to date,” said Hurd.


Hurd urged anyone to call the health department and find out whether or not vaccinations in your household are up to date. Be sure to make an appointment for you or your child if they are not.


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