YMCA hosts international dinner

Local - 4/27/2014 6:25 PM by Mike Bundt
Locals are still savoring the tastes of foods from other parts of the world.

the YMCA of Southern West Virginia held their annual international dinner at the Beckley Convention Center this afternoon. A packed room of people sampled food from a variety of countries. The event was sponsored by Raleigh General Hospital with proceeds going to YMCA youth programs local and abroad. Jay Rist says the event allows people to come together and dive into foreign culture.

"I think it's pretty important just in terms of allowing people to see and sample cuisine from different cultures. I think it's a fun event because people do get to come out and go buffet style and get to participate. And more importantly because it is a fundraising event for the y, it helps support our healthy living programs."

The dinner is one of the YMCA's major fundraisers.


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