Church holds walk for hunger

Local - 4/26/2014 6:26 PM by Mike Bundt
Members of a local church gathered together this morning to walk for hunger.

Calvary Baptist in Oak Hill revived their annual "walk for hunger event" to raise money for the Fayette Plateau Food Pantry. The walk began at the Lively Amphitheater and went all the way down to the Holiday Lodge before rounding back to the theater. Pastor Mark Wood explains why they decided to bring back the walk for hunger.

"The walk against hunger was a fundraiser for the food pantry that was started several years ago. It had died out and we probably haven't had one in four to five years and we revived it this year and it's one of the major fundraisers that help us be able to support the community food pantry."

With the growing number of people relying on food shelters, the walk is expected to help many families.


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