Police Agencies take part in Drug take-back program

Local - 4/26/2014 6:25 PM by Mike Bundt
Police agencies across the state are active today as part of an initiative by the drug enforcement administration.

The drug take-back initiative took place across the country as part of a plan to get rid of unnecessary medications in homes. It's the eighth time that the event has been held nationally since 2010. In that time, the DEA has disposed of two-point-eight million pounds of prescription medications. Locally, Beckley Chief of Police Lonnie Christian explains how the pick up program prevents bad consequences.

"It basically just gives people the opportunity to get it out of their lives. A lot of these people will experiment with medications that are just sitting around homes. Sometimes elderly victims have medications stolen because people know that their is unused medications in their home."

The program concluded this afternoon at two. It is too early to say how this year's numbers compare to previous initiatives.


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