Flag hoisted to remember children

Local - 4/25/2014 6:05 PM by Stuart Hammer
LEWISBURG – A flag is raised to remember children lost due to abuse, and honor those battling against it.

Not even a thunderstorm could stop Friday’s celebration for children. Dozens of locals turned up for the flag-raising and awards ceremony that recognized figures in the fight against child abuse, including Judge Joseph Pomponio.

Childrens Memorial Flag Day symbolizes the end of Child Abuse Awareness Month, and the flag will fly proudly above the Lewisburg courthouse.

Director for the Child and Youth Advocacy Center, Roger Lockridge says it’s vital for people to step up to the plate and demand change.

“For people like Judge Pomponio and for Jenny Castle to have been honored here, it's more than recognizing them on a personal level - we are using them as examples, showing that anyone can step up above and beyond to help a child.”

Organizers say more than 5-million children in the U.S. are victims of child abuse, and they hope this effort can enact even a small change.


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