Wyoming County recognizes Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month

Local - 4/25/2014 5:27 PM by Rachael Cardin

PINEVILLE - Wyoming County joined the nation in recognizing April as ‘Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention’ month.


A flag was presented to Wyoming County as a reminder to the community to protect our most important resource, our children. Statistics for young boys and girls who are sexually abused before their 18th birthday are staggering. Officials with the Division of Health and Human Resources said they need to change this and make people aware of what is going on in their own community. Law enforcement officials and DHHR workers were awarded for their service to those children they protect.


Director of the Wyoming County DHHR, Jeanne Goan, said, “it's very important because that one child on that flag, if we can save one child and make a difference to one child, make sure that one child doesn't die then everything we've done over our career makes it worthwhile."


Organizers said the flag will fly over the Wyoming County courthouse for an entire month.


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