Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine begins new season with State Treasurer John Perdue and new exhibit

Local - 4/25/2014 4:51 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - The Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine began its 2014 season with a visit from state officials and the unveiling of its newest exhibit.

State Treasurer John D. Perdue officially opened the West Virginia Treasurer's Vault Friday, which will be a part of the traveling exhibit called Moneyville.

The new addition was created to teach kids the value of a dollar and the importance of the three s's -- saving, spending and sharing. Perdue told Newswatch that responsible financial spending starts with piggy banks.

"When they get out in the real life, they find out what their moms and dads are doing in real life and paying bills and saving money and trying to get them to go to college and save that, and the other things they have to save for as well," Perdue told WOAY.

The vault showcases local programs like West Virginia's Smart529 college savings plan. It will be on display in Beckley through Sept. 6.


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