Mud Pig Day

Local - 4/24/2014 6:43 PM

BLUEFIELD - Students in Bluefield engage in a bizarre form of stress relief before final exams.

The 36th Annual Mud Pig Day was in full swing at Bluefield College as students participated in some outdoor fun.

Freshmen at Bluefield College, Lee Norris, said, "I love it! No class and you get to come out here and have fun, get dirty just like what all college students want to do... get down and dirty an have fun all day."

Faculty members said it's a great event for students, but also staff as the year comes to close.

Director of Student Life, Kelley Bitler, said "it's the end of the year, it symbolizes that it recognizes that and gives students a break from their long year that they've had studying and reading and doing tests and that kind of thing and for us to all come together as a community. Were a small school, but were a big family and so it's just gives us the opportunity to end the year on a good note."

Students said they need this unique form of stress relief to get through the grueling weeks ahead.

A senior, Joy Davis said, "I think that Mud Big day is just a day of relaxation. I think the school just really gets what we need and it's just a lot of fun."

Sliding down the slip and slide, getting muddy and jumping in the bouncy houses is the best way these students said they relieve stress before exams.

Davis said, "it's definitely what I need before exams I feel like every college should do this."

The massive slip and slide was a hit, but some students prefer to hang out in the pit that gave this event it's name.

Norris said, "we got an awesome little mud pit right here where you can just wrestle have fun and dive and dunk some people under. Today's just a have fun day get everything off your mind stress free."


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