Boy Scouts plant trees at Scout Reserve

Local - 4/19/2014 6:07 PM by Mike Bundt

A local boy scout troop is planting the seeds of life at the scout reserve.

Members of the Boy Scouts of America were in Glen Jean this morning planting American chestnut trees at the scout reserve. Volunteers planted hundreds of the potentially blight-resistant restoration chestnuts at the west end of the Consol Energy bridge. District commissioner Kimberly Bennett believes that activities like today provide a solid opportunity for the young men to grow.

"It gives them opportunity to get in the dirt, plant the trees, learn new things, be with their family. Most of them have brought a parent or two or even grandparents and it gives them an opportunity to just put the scouting oath and law, the ideals of scouting into practice here."

Volunteers are hoping that their efforts today will be successful.


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