Fayetteville celebrates Earth Day

Local - 4/19/2014 6:01 PM by Mike Bundt

A Fayette County town is celebrating all our planet has to offer in hopes of spreading awareness about recycling and preservation.

The ninth annual New River Earth Day celebration took place this afternoon in downtown Fayetteville. The event included live music, food and crafts from lots of local vendors. Participants want to promote a greener lifestyle. Local teacher Rachel Mendoza says that the event helps her out with her job.

"This is actually my third year. I come here every year. I love it. I'm a kindergarten teacher so I always want to check things that I can do for my school, for my classroom and I'm a really big earth day fan."

The goal of earth day is to promote awareness of the environment and its natural resources. Fayetteville has been a large local supporter.


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