Fayetteville preparing for Earth Day

Local - 4/18/2014 4:30 PM by Mike Bundt
A community in Fayette County will gather together tomorrow to celebrate our planet.

Fayetteville is hosting their ninth annual "New River Earth Day celebration tomorrow morning." The event will take place in front of the Fayetteville courthouse and will feature an egg hunt at the Fayetteville Town Park. The event gets underway at 11 am. Event organizer April Storm says that the day is a nice fun way to celebrate the planet on which we live.

"Another thing is getting back to celebrating the earth. The kids have gotten so much into their ipads or ipods or all that stuff and they're not spreading as much time so it's getting out there. Having some fun and educating them about why it's important to be sustainable, why it's important to recycle and just having fun while we're doing it" said Storm.

In addition to celebrating the planet, the event will also have live music, food and crafts.


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