Early voting begins on street levy

Local - 4/18/2014 4:09 PM by Mike Bundt
The fate of a Fayette County town is in the hands of voters as early voting begins today.

The town of Fayetteville is holding a special election to try and pass a street levy. The levy is voted on every five years and is generally successful. If passed, the levy would not result in any increases in taxes. Mayor James Akers says that the levy would be a positive for the town when it comes to taking care of its roads and sidewalks.

"Well, the street levy is a monies that we have. It's around two-hundred and something thousand dollars that we can use to pave and do sidewalks, repair sidewalks, put in new sidewalks and it pays the salaries of the employees that do work" said Akers.

If you miss out on early voting, you can vote for or against the levy on April 26th.     


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