Hinton waits on condemned homes

Local - 4/17/2014 4:57 PM by Stuart Hammer

HINTON – A Summers County city is working to save a number of condemned houses from collapsing.

Hinton has applied for grant money from the state to try to save eight homes on Temple Street near 11th Avenue where at least three tenants were evacuated several months ago.

Gas and power companies cut off supply to eight homes in the area suffering from unstable foundations, which forced Mayor Joe Blankenship to officially condemn the buildings.

The city is making an effort to save the property, or at least maintain what's there.

But the Mayor says he isn't expecting much.

“It's a waiting process. We have contacted the state of West Virginia; we've contacted the engineers to see if we can get some help.”

As the state works to focus most of its extra funds towards new sewer lines, the Mayor says officials in Charleston needs a stronger reason to help out.

“Basically the state has told us until it affects Temple Street, which is the main artery running out of Hinton, that they won't be able to really do anything.”

Mayor Blankenship says he hopes a retaining wall can be built to help hold back what's falling.


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