Historical society tries to save landmark

Local - 4/16/2014 7:26 PM by Stuart Hammer

ALDERSON – The final remains of a once thriving resort is a priority for restoration in Greenbrier County.

The Greenbrier Historical Society is working to restore the pavilion at the site of Blue Sulphur Springs.

The Greek-style monument was once part of a thriving resort that rivaled The Greenbrier in its heyday.

After the resort was torched during the civil war era, all that remains is the columned structure in the middle of an open field. The historical society is asking for public support to make the project happen.

“You can't really go out to the Blue and do anything tangible at the moment,” says Greenbrier Historical Society spokeswoman Margaret Hambrick, “But you can come here and do things that are specific and tangible that supports the Blue.”

After an engineering study and a historical structures report, the society is trying to plan its next steps.


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