Job seekers hope to land jobs at Tamarack

Local - 4/16/2014 5:23 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - Hundreds of job seekers are hoping a trip to Tamarack will land them a new job in the near future.

The Register-Herald hosted as many as two dozen vendors looking for new employees at the newspaper's spring job fair Wednesday. Organizers said as many as 500 people interviewed and applied with coal companies, assisted living centers and the military.

Many participants were looking for their first job, while some for a late career change. The purpose of the fair is to provide multiple opportunities under one roof.

"I would like to find a job in the social sciences such as DHHR, the rehab center, to go with my degree," Ashley Webb told WOAY. "I graduate in December with my bachelor's in sociology with a minor in social work, so I'm really just looking to see what options I have."

This is the first of the Register-Herald's two job fairs this year. The second is set for fall.

"They're here, and they're willing to hire, so there is a job market here, and there are people looking for good workers and really good people that will come and grow with companies," Ann Kelly said. "So there definitely are jobs here in southern West Virginia."


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