County commissioners want partnership with cities to remove abandoned homes

Local - 4/11/2014 4:37 PM by Karen Franklin

FAYETTEVILLE - Officials in Fayette County would like to move forward a partnership with its cities to better attack dilapidated and abandoned homes.

Over the last three years county commissioners have worked with a $400,000 state loan to remove the eye sores, but they said individual cities encounter more difficulties due to a lack of financial resources.

In the future commissioners hope the two can find a way to split the cost. Commissioner Matthew Wender told Newswatch more can be done with shared resources.   

“You can combine your efforts of something that is of common interest,” Wender told WOAY. “I think it's a common interest to the county as a whole and to a municipality more specifically that any dilapidated structure in that municipality be removed because it reflects on all of us.”

Commissioners said they'll need cities to adopt ordinances similar to those in Oak Hill and Fayetteville in order for the plans to move forward.


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