Tax experts help last-minute filers as deadline approaches

Local - 4/10/2014 5:07 PM by Karen Franklin
BEAVER - Local financial experts say they're working to help last-minute filers as the deadline to file taxes falls to five days.

Accountants in Beaver have extended their hours through next week.

About 30 percent of West Virginia taxpayers wait until the final week to file their state returns.

Department of Revenue Secretary John Doyle said that the department receives about 25 percent of returns in the week before April 15. Another five to eight percent of returns are received after the deadline.

Officials with the internal revenue service said about 20 percent of taxpayers wait until April to file their federal returns.

"You can file an extension if you're not ready to prepare your return," H&R Block's Tammy Nowlin said. "If you're missing forms or haven't got it all together yet, you can file an extension, but if you owe and you think you want to file an extension to pay, that doesn't work."

But employees at H&R Block in Beaver said they can help you set up a payment plan. 


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