Smith sentenced to 1 year behind bars for 2012 killing

Local - 4/9/2014 6:45 PM by Stuart Hammer

LEWISBURG – A man found guilty of killing Ira Harris in 2012 is sentenced Wednesday in Greenbrier County.

Antonio Smith, 36, of Wheeling is sentenced to 1 year in jail Wednesday morning by a Circuit Court Judge.

Smith was found guilty in January of involuntary manslaughter, a misdemeanor offense.

The prosecution says the jury had a hard decision to make as the facts in the case were difficult to decide. But the 1 year is the maximum sentence for the convicted charge.

Greenbrier Co. prosecuting attorney Patrick Via says the decision came down to definitions.

“The intent to kill is essentially is the difference between a voluntary manslaughter versus an involuntary manslaughter. And we knew before the trial even began that was going to be an issue.”

Via says the family of the victim was present throughout the court proceedings. He says they are pleased with the sentence.


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