More calendar changes based on new law

Local - 4/9/2014 6:36 PM by Stuart Hammer

LEWISBURG – Greenbrier County students have a new school calendar after a final vote Tuesday night.

Greenbrier Co. school officials have finalized their calendar for next school year. The change comes on the heels of a new law which requires students to be in class for 180 days.

Because of so many snow days this winter, students are missing valuable class time that cannot be made up.

Superintendent Sallie Dalton says the schools will also be experimenting next winter to make travel safer.

“Something we haven't done before and that's a three-hour delay. There were a number of mornings this year that we were on a two-hour delay and we could not go to school … (if) we had an additional hour we could have gotten there.”

Dalton says the school board has stuck to a traditional calendar, which the majority of the public wanted.

It is awaiting final approval in Charleston.


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