Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness month

Local - 4/7/2014 4:40 PM by Rachael Cardin

HINTON - National Child Abuse and Prevention Month was recognized on Monday in Summers County by the community and a few special guests.


April is the month to nationally promote an end to child abuse everywhere. Summers County kicked off this movement on Monday with a ceremony and flag raising at the Summers County Court House. Children from the community preformed songs, and remarks about this important topic were given by State Senator William Laird and US Congressman Nick Rahall. Coordinator for the Children’s Advocacy Center in Summers County, Lynda Lancaster, said this issue is more prominent than anyone realizes.


“It's important that they recognize it, period. Whether it's this month, they should recognize it every month, but we think that if we bring awareness to it this month, today, here and now that people will think about it and think about it more often," said Lancaster.


Organizers said they will be holding a 5K this Saturday to promote Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness. Following that, an ‘open mic night’ will be held on April 24th at Chestnut Revival.


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