EPA at an Avis demolition site

Local - 4/7/2014 4:39 PM by Rachael Cardin

AVIS - The Environmental Protection Agency was called to a Summers County demolition site on Monday.


Owner and Manager of Sears Septic and Excavating said the involvement of the EPA with this demolition is standard procedure. 5 houses on Route 107, outside the Hinton town line, were bought out early last year to make room for the erection of a Dollar General store.


That plan is still in progress, but workers said the demolition has been stalled due to weather over the past 2 weeks. The structures were old, and therefore may have contained asbestos. EPA did their investigation, and demolition expert Tom Sears, said there is no longer a threat.


“That's the first thing you do in demolition is have an asbestos abatement. A crew comes in, takes samples of all the material in the house and then if it is asbestos they come back and remove it. There was asbestos here so they came back and removed it all and took it to Ham Sanitary landfill,” said Sears.


Workers at the site said the new Dollar General store is scheduled to be up and operational by mid-summer.





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