Spanishburg will start a school-wide garden

Local - 4/4/2014 5:32 PM by Rachael Cardin

SPANISHBURG - A ground breaking ceremony was held at a Mercer County elementary school on Friday to kick off a new project.


Spanishburg elementary school principal, Melissa Boothe, said they will be planting a school-wide garden. The school has collaborated with Concord University, the West Virginia Extension Agency and the Farm to School Initiative to make this garden a success. Not only will the children be planting and caring for the garden, but teachers said they will tie in curriculum to the many purposes of the project.


Each grade will be assigned their own plot of space and the grades will plant and tend to a variety of vegetables. Boothe said, "we hope that we could have hands-on activities here at Spanishburg Elementary to connect to our curriculum and that way the kids will have a deeper understanding of the content because we're going to be connecting the garden to science, math, reading, social studies."


School officials said they hope to use some of the vegetables they plant this year in their school cafeteria for the next school year.


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