Health convention comes to Beckley

Local - 4/3/2014 5:36 PM by Mike Bundt

BECKLEY- Health officials are in Beckley this week, hosting an annual state health convention.

The West Virginia Health Information Management Association opened up their yearly convention this afternoon at Tamarack. The two organizations were discussing management.

The organization is nearly 400 members strong, only a fraction of the more than 67,000 members of the American Health Information Management Association. Attendees ranged from students to professionals hoping to gain vital industry skills.

“We also hope that everyone will gain a great perspective for their role that they play and be able to take a leadership role within their organizations that they work, the health care system as a whole and also to appreciate the voice that you have with your vote and advocacy” said Kathy Johnson.

Important topics this year ranged from ICD 10 to health care security. The convention wraps up tomorrow at Tamarack.


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