Spaulding testifies

Local - 4/2/2014 6:09 PM by Rachael Cardin

PRINCETON - The prosecution rested on Wednesday as the trial continues for 41 year old John Spaulding of Montcalm.

Spaulding is accused of sexual assault and sexual abuse of children and also faces 50 counts of possession of child porn. Multiple expert witnesses for the defense testified about their analysis of these victims;  all children as well as assessment of the defendant before and after these accusations arose.

Other witnesses included investigators, an ex-boyfriend of Kimberly Cox as well as family members and friends of the defendant. Spaulding himself was last to testify and told the jury of the many lies told to him by Cox, including those involving a fake person 'Anna Barker'.

Spaulding explained how he came to know about the images on his laptop after it had already been confiscated by authorities.

He said he asked Cox about her over-reaction to his laptop being taken for evidence; " I said 'what's on my laptop, Kim?' and she said, her words were 'tons' she said ' there are tons on your laptop.' I said tons of what and she said 'child porn.' "

The trial will resume Thursday with more testimony from witnesses before the jury will be allowed to discuss the facts of the case.


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