Tax deadline is days away

Local - 4/1/2014 11:00 PM by Kevin Jacobs

Tax season 2014 is winding down and the deadline to file your taxes is only days away.

Starting Wednesday you have exactly 14 days to get your taxes filed without being penalized, but if you need more time to get your taxes prepared you could file an extension for six additional months. The extension does not apply if you owe the IRS. There are ways to set up payment installment.

H&R Block Office Manager Tammy Nowlin says if you already know you owe the IRS it's best to pay something on it up front when you set up a payment installment.

"Well, if you owe, there are going to be penalties and interest added to the payment what you owe. Because If you owe the IRS or the state they are going to add those on there and that's going to be that much more that you're going to owe them, so you need to get them done before the 15th," Tammy Nowlin - H&R Block.

Nowlin says tax season started late since the IRS didn't go online until January 30th. We're also told the affordable health care scared people into thinking they would owe money and not get a refund.


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