Organ Donor Awareness flag-raising ceremony

Local - 4/1/2014 5:06 PM by Rachael Cardin

BLUEFIELD - A flag raising ceremony is held Tuesday in Mercer County to expand organ donor awareness.


CEO of the Bluefield Regional Medical Center said they have partnered with CORE, the Center for Organ Recovery and Education, to promote April as 'Organ Donor Awareness Month.' The raising of the flags was performed to draw attention to this important issue and get people to think more seriously about what their role can be.


Thousands of people are in need of functioning organs to live, and there are not enough donors to help this effort. Bluefield Regional and the Director at CORE, Holly Mitchell,  said they hope to let the community know how great this need is and sign up more people as organ donors.


“I would really strongly encourage people, if this is tugging at your heart and you've really thought about it. We're asking folks to please make a pledge for life. Put it on your driver's license, advance directives. Please, please talk to your families about what you want because you never know how many lives you can touch. One person, an organ donor, can help up to 8 people,” said Mitchell.



Organizers also said signing up to be a tissue donor can save up to 50 lives. April is the month to sign up and anyone interested can visit


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