Boy Scouts hold fundraising luncheon

Local - 3/27/2014 5:15 PM by Rachael Cardin

LANSING - A national organization held a fundraising event for local groups of Boy Scouts.

The Seneca District Buckskin Council represents local county Boy Scouts and held their ‘Friends of Scouting’ event on Thursday. Organizers for the Boy Scouts of America said scouting is about to undergo some positive changes; new programming and activities will be implemented for next year’s scouts. This fundraising effort is geared towards businesses that have donated to the scouts in the past, but is used as a time to present changes. District Chairman for the Seneca District Buckskin Council, Doug Proctor, said fundraising is key.

Proctor, said” “his money will go to the Buckskin Council in Charleston. Close to 76% of money that's in the Buckskin Council budget is for programming."

Officials said this fundraising effort usually accounts for 1/4 of their funding for the year, but this luncheon was also a ‘thank you’ to donors from years past.


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