Former Mercer Co. magistrate admonished

Local - 3/27/2014 8:42 AM by Rebecca Turco

(Picture Courtesy: Facebook)

PRINCETON - A judicial panel said a former Mercer County magistrate abused his power and his conduct on the bench was shameful.

The Judicial Investigation Commission admonished former Magistrate Richard D. Fowler earlier this month. The commission reportedly began investigating Fowler in late 2013, after sexually explicit messages between him and a woman who appeared before him in court were posted on Facebook. There were also allegations of sexual harassment and a complaint about extrajudicial activity.

The commission found probable cause that Fowler violated multiple canons and the code of judicial conduct. The commission admonished Fowler instead of pursuing formal charges because he is no longer in office. Fowler retired in February and has denied the allegations.


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