Operation Underdog "Wag Fest"

Local - 3/26/2014 10:29 PM by Kevin Jacobs

Get ready to raise your paws for a cause. Operation Underdog presents Wag Fest.

The 2nd Annual benefit will take place this Saturday at Fosters Main Street Tavern in downtown Beckley. It'll be a night of live music, Wag-Fest themed food and drink specials. It's an effort to not only raise awareness, but to raise money to help with spaying, neutering, and veterinary expenses. Whether you have a pet or not, Fosters encourages everyone to come out and support sheltered animals.

"I think everybody should just step up to the plate. If they care about animals and whether or not they have one or not. Come on out and hang out with some people who do," said Buzzy Burke - Fosters, Owner.

"So, operation underdog is a group of dedicated, passionate volunteers who work really hard during their day jobs, and in their free, few spare moments... Evenings and weekends they're rescuing animals and taking them to get spayed and neutered to make a difference in our community," said Megan Constantino - Operation Underdog.

The two-hour event kicks off Saturday evening March 28th at 8 PM. There's a $5 cover charge. Fosters owner will match the amount raised. Here's a link to find out more information on ways to help and also information on pet adoption. www.Facebook.com/OperationUnderdog


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