Municipal gun law eliminates anti-gun ordinances

Local - 3/26/2014 5:42 PM by Stuart Hammer

OAK HILL – The Governor signs a bill into law which supports our Second Amendment rights, but folks in the Mountain State have mixed feelings on the decision.

The law effectively eliminates anti-gun city ordinances. Cities cannot enforce stricter rules than the state allows, and the law will permit those with a concealed-carry to bring their guns into recreation areas.

Oak Hill City Manager Bill Hannabass says he’s in favor of the new law.

“The governing body has been supportive of our 2nd Amendment Rights, and I support our governing body and the City of Oak Hill supports and congratulates them on that stance.”

The goal of the municipal gun law is to create more uniform regulation of firearms and ammunition.

Supporters say it's a good safety measure. Opponents argue allowing weapons closer to children, especially in recreation areas, is a bad move.

“You just about got to have a gun. You can't go to the garage and back without locking your doors; I think everybody should to carry a gun,” says Terry Daniel of Fairdale.

Karen Motsinger of Oak Hill is thinking big picture in how the law can protect the public.

“If more people are allowed to legally carry them into places then idiots will be less likely to get by with killing, what, 20, 30, 40 people?”

Adam Sizemore has kids, and he says he is concerned.

“It could be a bad day if somebody's having a bad day. And there's certain places for that, but guns shouldn't be around children at all.”

Norma Wolfe of Oak Hill agrees.

“It's too easy access to be able to use them when you get angry, and I know lots of people have issues with anger.”

Supporters and opponents will continue to fire back and forth on what's right for their communities, but Governor Tomblin says he hears the concerns and he'll continue to work with state and local officials.


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