Trooper James R. Coburn receives Medal of Valor

Local - 3/20/2014 10:43 PM by Courtney Rosemond
CHARLESTON - State Trooper with the Welch Detachment receives the Medal of Valor.

A private ceremony was held Wednesday at West Virginia State Police Headquarters where Colonel C. R. "Jay" Smithers presented awards to uniformed and civilian members of the West Virginia State Police.

Senior Trooper James R. Corburn of the Welch detachment received the award after a suspect stole a Bluefield City Police cruiser took it on a pursuit, crashed it and almost gained control of another officers gun when Coburn fatally shot the suspect. 

Officers would later learn that the suspect had an extensive criminal history, had fled the state of Florida to avoid prosecution on theft and burglary charges, and had vowed not to be taken into custody by law enforcement again.

Smithers says "The actions of Senior Trooper Coburn allowed all the officers involved in the incident to return home safely at the end of their shift and exemplify the characteristics of a West Virginia State Trooper."


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