Elementary school needs replacing

Local - 3/20/2014 4:38 PM by Stuart Hammer
PRINCETON – A new school is a major need in Mercer County. Officials are working to replace a dilapidated building.

Ceres School is home to more than 160 students in kindergarten through 5th grade, and they go to school in an 89 year-old building.

School officials say Ceres lacks basic needs of an elementary school, like a gym, computer lab, and library.

The Mercer County School Board says it's a process, but they are working in Charleston to get its proposal for an $11 million project accepted.

Mercer Co. Schools spokeswoman Kellan Sarles says Ceres is a priority for the board.

“(It was) identified as a major need. However, the way things work, we bring out proposal to the West Virginia School Board Authority … and they of course are looking at projects from 55 other counties.”

Officials say they are looking at land on Airport Road near the current site of Ceres School.


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